Banecroft Barony

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972:The Fall of Banecroft 991:Refounding 992:The Road to Independance
993:Lean Year 994:Baronial Golden Age 995:Growth in Influence
996:Upping the Ante 997:A Gathering Storm 998:Taking the Field
999:Laurels 1000:Renaissance 1001:Learning
1002:A Brighter Future 1003:Allies 1004:Many Voices
1005:Old Threats 1006:Coming of Age 1007:Return to Roots
1008:Portents 1009:Change of Focus 1010:Steady On

Feast of the Leviathan III
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Elwick, Savyne, Matthew, Fay, and Bebhinn attended.

We made it to the Feast of Leviathan despite encroaching snow. Once there, we were welcomed with the usual Chimeron hospitality.

Bebhinn entered the bardic competition. Although she had a moment of nervousness, she rallied and came through with a very impressive song, the force of her performance calming the usually gregarious feast hall.

Savyne ran a new tourney, testing adventurer's back stories. This was won by a group of half-orks. Diamond spent some time learning about this new tribe.

Bebhinn Oilithreach
Sir Gulliam took Matthew as his squire. Bebhinn attended her first public gathering in the Realms and sang before a crowd for the first time in 50 years. Diamond, Savyne and Bebhinn made the acquaintance of a tribe of orks known as the Bonechewers

Feast of Rhiassa VII
Bebhinn Oilithreach
Diamond, Savyne, Bebhinn, (and others - please speak up and I'll change this :) attended. Savyne and Bebhinn gathered important information about activities of Mara from Grey. Later on, Savyne participated in a ritual to return Tetch to the Realms.

Diamond introduced the Tarx and Bonechewers to each other.