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Feast of Rhiassa VIII
Brighthammer Half-Dwarven
Here was supost to be a merry day in Rhiassa, Sir Pyr was to be married and many good eats were to be had, but insted some Illinarians showed up and some how they got seated right next to the Baronial Table. The day went on to bring an Arkan Doppleganger, Much negoioation, Twen being Freed of Illinar Control, And the Rage blade being desttroyed.

Big Game Hunt III
Brighthammer Half-Dwarven
Well the Barony brought two teams this year, Team Darrwin and Team BrightHammer. I tried very hard to keep the team together, but in the end we got beat down pretty hard, the worst being facing the pirates. I hate pirates, so I told the team to Charge in, Unfortunatly my 6'6" got stuck in a tree and I was killed. This gathering is also were "Sex for Gek" comes from (Please ask about this in Person) In the end team Darwin won and got the Magic missle Ball.

The Gambit
Brighthammer Half-Dwarven
We took a chance to Defeat an Enemy that had escaped the war with the Nameless One, the Kobold General, While others went after Childrak and Tabbitha. The armies of the Realms Poured into fortress. We slew many a kobold... many, but in the End the General escaped once more.

Crawling in the Dark
Brighthammer Half-Dwarven
We journied down to the Lost Kingdoms, there were told a tale of a Monument to Dwarven Heros, but we were also told a tale that these Hero were betrayed, and there souls could not rest. On our way we met with Orgers and a few dark things. When we made it to the Monument it had a puzzle to open it on it, the puzzle solved people went in. I stayed outside to help the Forest Runner Healer, but I was killed and was told later that my soul had been taken from me by a phantom. The other heros got me back, but when we tried to go back in the monument we were pushed out, our quest Failed.

Champion of Rathkeale III
Brighthammer Half-Dwarven
Lots of things lead up to this Tourny that is known as the "5 Minute War", Bullying and the like. The Forces of the Barony and Empire met in a battle that lasted ... well 5 minutes. The rest of the Day was spent in the rain while negotiations went on.

Feast of Chimeron X
Brighthammer Half-Dwarven
We ventured into the Lands of Fay, to Feast, but were met by Sellie (sp?) on the way. Aparently King Oberon made the portal to the wrong spot. We fought through them and finally made it to the Feast. But when there we learn of some odd tidings... King Oberon was being controlled, Queen Meg is staying in Fay, and there is going to be a comptition over who was going to be the next Ruler of Chimeron. I myself was on edge the whole time, being in Fay was having a bad effect on me so I was pretty much lost. In the End, Sir Pyr was made Ruler and I left as fast as I could.

Tournaments of Creathorne 9
Brighthammer Half-Dwarven
Going to Creathorne is most times a "Good time", but this time it was a little different. I fought in lots of tournies, and enjoyed the feast. On the First Night I helped Arkan and others try to get their "regoinal magic" by drinking from this "cup" while there was a Demon running around trying to destory the being (It might have been a demon too) with the cup. In the end Arkan hit it with his Angelic spike and lots of people got there spells. The Next night we went portal hopping to Mythdnor, but it was different this time. It seemed it was being controlled by a Lich, and was sending skeletons (yay Hammers) and Vampires at us. I got seperated by the Rest of the Barony and met up with them when they can out. But Poor Duchess Gwen was turned into a Vampire, so the next night I guarded her untill she was freed from the Vampire Curse.

Convergences 4: Conflux of Secrets
Brighthammer Half-Dwarven
Didn't show up intill late into the Night, and found out that one of the Erl King's General's Irrad, had shown up after the battle with the Kobold General. Aparently he wanted what the Kobold General had. The General was finally defeated here.

North/South War 02
Brighthammer Half-Dwarven
This year the Barony went south. We Fought hard battles all day. Duringthe Night capture the flag I sat on the large flag the whole night, noone took it but thy did get the small one. On Sunday we heard we were ahead, but the Southern Army started leaving a bit early and we got hosed the Rest of the day. In the End the North won.

The Coronation of King Pyr
Gek Lackland
Chimeron held a day of fun and socializing to honor their new king.

Brighthammer Half-Dwarven
Went to Conventry and found it beseiged by DeathKnights, but the Magic guild had put up a shield around the place so they could not enter. Many strang things happend, such as Guilliam, myslef and a few others touched a shimmering hoop and were portaled away to a trial. A went through a small Dungen like thing, with hallways that offered most time more then one door, the door chosen deturmend which test we got. After finishing the tests we came back to the spot were came from. Later on Vinny and Tony showed up and did a ritual to bring back Ilgoth, they suceeded and seconds later Cinnabar, Bouquet, Twenaria, Mestoph, and Velvet Yelled "I AM ILLGOTH!!" and ran out into the black woods. They Attacked most of the night. We found a way to cure everyone but Cinnabar... though not realizing that each person cured made the others more Illgothy. And suddenlly everyone falls asleep, and when wake up everything is different, kinda like we were stuck in a dream. In this dream there was a princess in a tower with a Dragon guarding it. I Challenged the Dragon in the Name of the Princess and Defeated it single handedly (Freesa came up with the idea and I did it).There were lots of other messed up thing running around, but somehow we walked out of there and I walked away with The Belt of Blue Flame.

Queen of Hearts 9
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Myrddin, Tiara, Brighthammer, Matthew attended. To go with the Team Tiara white heraldry, I made white armor for the armorer tourney and went all the way with all-white garb.

Brighthammer Half-Dwarven
This year we Ran Tiara. I fought in the One man tounry and did ok, the compitition was pretty rough. During the War tournys we were doing ok, but the best fight of the day went to the Brigde battle with team Radstar. That night went thourgh a portal to met a heavy force from Illinar. I spent my time off the line trying to help one of the women that came to feast of Rhissa with Illinar that was Scalped by them, that I didn't save. The next day we fought more tournys, I end up in the Queens War and took out Quartz.

Feast of Folkestone 3
Brighthammer Half-Dwarven
Tons of food, lots of Fun. Gambling tables in the back. I ate till I couldn't anymore... (and that is saying alot)

Slip Sliding Away
Brighthammer Half-Dwarven
While walking around in Folkstone I found myself wondering we everyone was and Acidently walking through a rift and found myself with everyone else. The Baron explained that other realities were leeking into our own and we had to travel to the realities that were broken and fix them. I first ended up in a musical world were many things needed to be sung at to kill them. We need the fat lady to sing to Move on. Next we were brought to a place where all our large weapons became heavy and magic didn't work. When we stepped out law officers said that we were dress funny, and pointed these thing at us and that shot a butch of short arrows at once. Apparently there were people here that you had to fight and take their head. I was Killed from behind so I don't know what happened. Next we walked out of the Matchine and Heard a thumpping noise down the way, we followed. We ended up finding a small building and the thumpping was music and the place was a club (Kind like the one we have under the tavern in Nadina). I go in a start dancing, a few other had followed in as well... and then Blood rained down from the celing, and at closer inspection the people dancing in their were vampires. Most of the other that came in had been bit, I trying to shaddly take them out. I got one or two before they wised up and I was bit. I forget how I got there, I think it was Arkan. All I know is that some Tatooed guy came and killed all the Vamps. Next Slide we came to a world were the Empire had taken over, and we had to find Atex, Cinnabar and Trent and kill them. Then we went to this Crazy place where there were people were wearing tights and had lots of stange powers. Apparently they were good guys beign controlled by a guy in funny armor... I think his name was doom something. We were then warped to a world where there was a Realms Professonal Leage, which was funn of trash talking people who reguraly got angry and beat each other and us up. Next we Ported to a water place... there were crazy sea monsters, but I had nothing to do with it (Me and lots of water don't mix). Then We went to some world where we had to play games... lots of them and win at every one. Next we went to a world made up of 2 factions: Law and Chaos. I wanted to side with Law but after talking with them at length with Elwick I chose not to chose a side. Chaos won. After that we went to a place where some big bad Undead guy had taken over. We marched down to his fortress, I kept the Rear defeance and organized the circles. We got in there and beat his undead butt down. After that we had to Hunt down the Shadowright in a world full of shadowbeasts. During the night Twen was stolen by Drow. Next We found a place that Jugged, I was on Trents Jugging team. We Traveled to different Places to chalenge their Jugging team. We then slid to the Dogs of War world, and Lastly to a world where Neden Ruled. During these last to wolrds we confronted the Imp, the minion to the Devourer of Worlds. Rel Fought hard with it, and kill it. The Minion Died , the master got away......

Something Evil in the Garden
Gek Lackland
Diamond, Gek, Cathryn, Gorlim attended

Bebhinn Oilithreach
And Bebhinn :) What a weird village! Losing memories... picking up sudden phobias.... (I think the strangest moment was when I was running the healing circle... and suddenly forgot what the concept of 'death' was. Bodies started piling up for a while and I had no idea what they were or that I was supposed to be doing something about them. Odd!)

I have to say, I don't think I've ever seen the 'Folkestone Cure-all' put to so much good use in one day!

I heard that for a while a number of Baronials got sucked into some illusion that they were members of the village.

Near the end of the day we had to have people checking everyone as they came to the circle.... one of the beings fighting us apparently had the ability to cause people to go berserk the next time their name was called. We had a couple of people whose entire job for a while was to call everyone's name while they were about 30 feet from the circle so we could double-check _before_ they got in range to cause a lot of trouble.

Then the cave almost everyone was in collapsed. The only one who made it out was someone who had been killed prior to the explosion (I forget who, but I vaguely think it might have been someone from Neden) and whose corpse had been enchanted to return to the circle for healing. His animated corpse was just passing out of the door when everyone else was killed. Whoever it was, I congratulate him because as soon as I raised him he instantly dove back into the cave to bring out as many as possible.