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993:Lean Year 994:Baronial Golden Age 995:Growth in Influence
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Winterfest 8
Diamond Banecroft
Waist deep snow impeded the fighting at this event. The Diamond and Gwen slogged their way to Rivendell through the snow with their fellow adventurers, under attack the whole way. Once there, they created a snow fort to protect Rivendell from Sauron's army. Diamond and Avendar were awarded elven blades from the lord of Rivendell for their efforts in organizing the snow fort construction. Once night fell this fortification was tested, but held up to the tempest of battle and Rivendell was saved.

More important still, Baba revealed the process necessary to destroy Sauron at a closely attended press conference.

Feast of the Leviathan V
Gek Lackland
Diamond, Gwen, Brighthammer, Myrrdin, Gek, Frederick, Behbinn and Tiara attended.

Feast of Rhiassa IX
Gek Lackland
Diamond, Savyne, Gwen, Matthew, Brighthammer, Fey, Bebbhin, Gek, Cathryn, Frederick atteneded
  • The Guild of the Beast celebrated the aniversary of the end of the end of days.
  • King Jarrod of the Free Kingdom announced the formation of the free kingdoms
  • Blade formed the nation of Grimlock, and swore to the Free Kingdom
  • Duncan Conrad passed the lordship of Rhiassa to Dao'ud.
  • Rhiassa left Chimeron, and swore to the Free Kingdom
  • The creation of the Commonwealh of Independent Nations was announced
  • Dame Gill knighted Frederick into the Knights of Fairhaven
  • Many of the leaders of Nations recieved letters from someone professing to be the NightMaster
  • Desh Miriai joined the Borderguard

The Gwenethlin Chronicles I
Diamond Banecroft
Dawrin, Gwen, Auric, Gek, Catheryn, and I were there. We quested to end and ancient curse over two feuding undead armies.

Feast of Chimeron
Diamond Banecroft
A lot of the Barony was there: Me, Savyne, Auric, Myrddin and Tiara, Darwin. I can't remember much however.

North/South War '03
Diamond Banecroft
Auric, Mitchell, Gek and I were there. Three of the Blue Falcons scouted this event out: Mink, Grot and Beo. This was the week we started training the Blue Falcons at their practice.

Queen of Hearts X
Diamond Banecroft
Myrdin, Tiara, Savyne and I supported Team Tyrin. The nation of White Coast really came into their own this event, and they were the core and strength of our team. We began to use more creative tactics, or as the White Coast said, "wacky tactics!" Galleos backstabbing Brighthammer thanks to the old "hat on a sword" trick. Our break away from team Twen on the bridge, them breaking formation to pursue, and us reforming to face them. Good tourneying.

Slippery When Wet
Diamond Banecroft
Once again we entered the traveller's Machine to slip between planes to block a demon from twisting them. This was the big event the Falcons made their debut at. We gathered gold pieces from pirates, did extreme challenges, fought vampires, Xena, and many other exciting adventures as we gradually closed the gates to the unravelling planes. Once that was done, Elwick and I slew the demon together.

The Black &White Masquerade
Diamond Banecroft
Myrddin, Tiara, Savyne, several Blue Falcons, and I attended. Robin Goblin appeared to be creating a rebellion in Fay, but in the denoument after the dance it was revealed a shapehsifing Puck was having a little joke. Disgruntled fay rebels decided to have their rebellion anyway.

Carnage by the Lake
Diamond Banecroft
Savyne and I attended. We left before the quest started, but we spent the day training lots of new adventurers as best we could. That night we met with Finn, a long-retired Baronial.