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The Score on Which Reality is Written
Diamond Banecroft
Grot, Mordak, Joth, and Drashek helped on the climactic conclusion of Wrake's threat. Adventurers created the god-slaying weapon and slew Rein, the god empowering Wrake.

Feast of the Leviathan 9
Diamond Banecroft
Temorse, Tark, Adara, Grot attended the feast.

Temorse reports:
Tark, Grot, and myself quested to bring enchanted medicine water to a small town with a cursed citizen, however we were beset upon by bandits in the woods. Although we defeated them we took heavy casualties. Exhausted and wounded Grot and I ran down the final bandit who had managed to snatch our water. Tark and the other three new adventurers (2 men from Oakhaven, a new subgroup of Vinehaven and a man named Darkshadow, all fighters) had been slain and we had no means to raise them. We caught the bandit and slew him, however in an act of final spite he hit the cup of water spilling all the vital water on the ground, thus we failed our quest.

Thon of Iron Kingdom was taken on as a squire of the Sable Dragon under Aelias.

Rhode and Shandar were taken on as Squires to the Knights of the Free Kingdoms.

Kwartz was announced the new Knight Commander of the Knights of the Free Kingdoms.

The Black arrows were inducted into the Free Kingdoms.

Sarix, the young fighter who fought under Eldridge for us at QoH, has opted to join us and is now a petitiong initiate of the Blue Falcon.

A Dragon's Games
Diamond Banecroft
Event Picture
The Dragon Gaming
Adventurers entered a dragon's warren at the border of Banecroft in order to capture the illusionist card cheat Mantos. There they encountered a war party of goblins after the same dragon treasure and indigenous undead. The adventurers captured Mantos, slew the dragon, and released or possibly rescued a powerful undead.

Deep Caverns V
Diamond Banecroft
Event Picture
Diamond's mapping efforts
Diamond and Auric once again joined adventurers exploring the deep caverns. Our aim was to lift the curse on the Father of the living steel entities, but we made a wrong turn in the vastness of the underground catacombs. Childe fell into the spiral chasm, Diamond rescued Azael from a pit, Hate the netherform was briefly mortal and free, a 60" deep cliff was descended.

Then, after progressing through more and more undead we encountered a whole undead army lead by a horrible, soul-draining, near-invincible triple-demon. The undead army kept us from breaking out to maneuver and the demon crushed us three at a time. Our strength nearly exhausted and most of us dead, Auric saved the day by taking the risk to pull from the gambler's deck. Fortunately, he pulled the heirophant, which raised us all and restored our magic to full strength, putting us back in the fight!

That allowed us to defeat the undead army, but the triple demon was another matter. As we attempted to find the demon's weakness, Aeston was very brave indeed, putting his soul in great peril during the battle. We were unable to slay the demon, but were able to pass him while he was engaged an honorable combat with a brave adventurer. Regrouping on the other side, and at the end of our endurance, we portaled out of the catacombs.

Dreams of our Past, Visions of our Future
Diamond Banecroft
A bardic gathering draws many and diverse bards and audience. Diamond, Gwen, and Adara attend. Stories, music, and dance are had by all.

Basic Training
Diamond Banecroft
Event Picture
Bridge battle training
The Knights of the Sable Dragon, with the assistance of many including the dilligent Falcons, train a number of adventurers at a Boot Camp in an abandoned village west of Banecroft and south of New Montaglion. The aim is for Trainees to emerge with the basic skills necessary for questing.

That night their skills are put to the test as the Litch which was released during the recent Dragon's Games attempted to seize control of a fountain of negative energy which empowered necromantic magic. The adventurers opened the vault containing the spring, and the Litch took posession, but the adventurers aquired a treasure map which led them to the Litch's soul, allowing them to end his threat decisively.

Rites of War V: Assault on Argyll
Diamond Banecroft
Adventurers split into two armies to defend the two gates to Argyle. Despite valiant efforts from the defenders of which the Falcons are a part, the south gate falles to the determined attack. Temorse and Killian are among casualties of the fall of Argyle, losing their scalps to the enemy.

Satareal's Quest
Diamond Banecroft
Because of the large numbers of casualties lost at the Fall of Argyle, Tiara journeys to this quest to help people with her spells of call the soul. The quest taxes the mind and puts many more scalps in peril.

Feast of Chimeron XV / Rites of War VI
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Auric, Oryhara, Temorse, Adara, Killian, Alexander, and other Falcons journey to Chimeron to defend it from Fae's attack. A long seige on the walled city of Chimeron city develops. First order of busisness, many of the casualties of Argyle are returned to action. Phyre aids us by restoring Temorse, and Oryhara uses Savyne's Cannon of changes to restore Killian.

Adara attends the extremely busy King Pyr, and the restoration of casualties restores knights of Eagle's Rook, relieving Squre Adara of the burden of once gain leading a nation. Adara and Diamond join the Mortal Court in trouble-filled rituals to create more Fae blades for the war effort.

Auric pikes in the gate until controlled sorties led by the Free Kingdom forces gain us the upper hand. Falcons run with great energy between the gate and the breach, meeting the Fae attack wherever the fighting falls hardest. After a long, wearying day the attack is called off for the feast. Diamond performs with the Bardic guild.

That night the dutchess of illusion offered us the chance to observe Oberon's forces in conference, cloaking us with her illusuion. After a very long journey under attack in the dark, we quietly and secretly observed the enemy war council, where we learned that in making this attack on Chimeron Oberon's forces were dangerously overextended. Furthermore, they had a more powerful weapon to unleash the next day. Then Queen Mab suprised all by transferring her authority to their prisoner, Bouquet. A sudden charge from the adventurers recovered Bouqet, and as Oberon's forces counterattacked with great power the adventurers withdrew.

The rest of the night was a long and wearying one as the enemy probed the gate's defences periodically. The Falcons and Baronials stood their watches with discipline and were a large percentage of that night's guards.

The day began with Oberon's forces re-breaching the wall with an explosive. Diamond and Auric were among adventurers who nearly thwarted this, but were just too late. A long day of attacks began, but as predicted in the war council a new and demonic force were in the attack. These red-faced demons grew more powerful each time we defeated them, until it was finally realized that these were the Dogs of War, a threat from over ten years ago. Rell was integral in solving that mystery and muzzling the Dogs once again.

Chimeron was now safe, and Sir Owen marshalled the adventurers for an immediate march on Fae. Now that much of Fae's armies were too far away from home, committed to their now failed attach on Chimeron, an opportunity to strike was available which would not soon come again!

Green and Gold IX
Diamond Banecroft
Gwen fought for the gold team and began organizing and drawing plans for freeing Thorn Valley of Zermark's undead. Oryhara was on the green team.

The Song of Illinar V
Diamond Banecroft
The Barony gathered with the Realms Expeditionary Force to take the Barony's long-standing war to Illinar's home turf with high hopes of placing Queen Aideen on the throne and ending the war for good. The Barony was strongly represented the blue tabards of Baron Diamond, Sceneshal Darwin, Dutchess Gwen, Auric and Oryhara, the Borderguard by Captain Gek, and the Falcons by Lord Temorse and Alexander. The common folk of the Barony were represented as well, as they had been inspired and were turning out war materiel in support of the war effort at a record rate - materiel which was particularly vital during the early stages of the war.

At the muster Slaader and Diamond were chosen as generals for the REF. We immediately marched on New Dark Harbor, which housed the gateway to Illinar from our continent. We were resisted by the Harvest Moon Invantry, their normally elite ranks bloated with less than willing conscripts. During the press forward Gek's abjury prooved vital, closing the mini-gates from which the enemy re-enforcements poured. Taking the fort was difficult, requiring co-ordinated pushes from all three entrances. Without good co-ordination on our part the enemy shifted their reserves between the threatened doors. Finally we broke in and took the fort. Auric earned a victory mark for valor in this battle. Fatigue and lateness of the hour brought the fighting to a close before pressing on through the gate to Illinar itself.

Bright and early the next day the army proceeded through the gate to assualt the stoutly-held fortress of Pale. Here Diamond earned a victory mark leading the breakthrough into the inner keep. Gwen's healing circle was critical in support in this battle. We immediately pressed on to the strategic village of Hambleford, where the villagers showered us with food and support, with the exception of a spy or two who left to warn the enemy of our movements. A quick jaunt north eleminated trolls and an evil insanity generator which were decimating the peasants of Northwood.

Next we struck south of Hambleford to hit one of Illinar's two main armies before they could link up. Also, we could not press west because that army would imediately take Hambleford and not only punish the peasants which had supported us but also break our lines of supply. But the press south was ill-fated: Illinar's regular army was far stronger than their garrison troops. We were bloodily beaten back, and Diamond was captured. In return for his release, Diamond made a deal with Illinar General Flynn to return or restore Flynn if the REF captured or defeated Flynn.

Diamond's deal was unpopular among some, particularly when Flynn's army followed us north into Hambleford, and with the support of crack troops and a brief appearance by Prince Gabriel, pushed us back still more into Pale. Morale was low... time and again Flynn had pushed us back, and Hambleford was strategically vital to be able to strike at Illinar. Our army was tired and hungry and the hours of daylight left were short. Fortunately the elves of the eastern mountains offered new hope: they wanted us to be able to continue to fight our mutual enemy Illinar, so they made a deal to help us in the upcoming, crucial battle for Hambleford.

This battle was a grim but fast-moving affair. Roused by the battle cry of "Victory brings Dinner!", the army was willing for one final push. There was thick battle over the banner-protected doorway. Crack enemy troops bore down on our concentrations. We raced to assualt the rear wall even as the enemy repaired it. But even boosted by the elves, our magic and strength was fading. Sensing the turn in the battle and knowing what was at stake, Auric took the risk to draw from the Gambler's deck. Happlily the gods smiled on him, and he was granted great power which was key to the battle! Rallying us around him, he struck back at the front gate while Temorse and others broke through the rear wall, and Illinar defence of Hambleford was finally ground down.

After dark fell we had to split into four squads to overcome a series of riddles and puzzles simultaneously which was necessary to open an important Darak-Tur temple. We were tested in math (despite a red herring in the form of the re-occurring Stupid Riddle Tree), agility, problem solving, and teamwork in the form of lighting a score of hidden candles with limited fire source, all while under harassment by the Darak-Tur witches. The ongoing strain to our sanity became an assualt when we opened the center of temple to expose the most horrible monster I have ever faced in all my travels!

Most of the monster was hidden beneath the earth, but a score of tentacles flailed at the army as we vainly tried to lay it low, periodically seizing unfortunates alive and devouring them still struggling into its slavering maw. But for them the worst was yet to come, albeit with our one chance at victory: Struggling to retain our sanity, we struck at the creatures huge, glowing brain/eye. Injuring it, our bodies were vomited forth for more of this torture. Until finally we had inflicted enough wounds on it that the creature perished. Battered and drained, we staggered off to make camp for the night.

Sunday's campaigning centered along a swinging curve to the south and west. During this thrust we encountered General Flynn single-handedly holding the bridge where his army had turned us back the day before. His army defeated at Hambleford, he had singlehandedly returned to the point it was his duty to hold. He had been impressed by Diamond's restoration of his life, as per the deal made Saturday. This broke Flynn of his belief that we were honorless invaders, and while he could not honorably quit his duty he was now open to the Queen's faction and disillusioned with his honorless comrades in arms. We made a deal: honorable combat between him and our champion. If he won, we would turn the army back from the bridge, if we won he would speak to the Queen about his future loyalties. Sir Cain of Ivory was our champion and he defeated General Flynn in a battle of terrible ferocity, and the decision to restore Flynn earlier was seen by the army to be a fair one.

We captured strategic regions of Illinar until we reached an important trading port. There we entered into negotiations with the inhabitabnts, a ruling council of merchants. There was a bardic respite, during which we demonstrated our own culture, some favorable deals to cement their economic interest with us. Finally, we sealed the deal with a mairrage of Lord Temorse of the Blue Falcons with a local lady.

By the end of our campaigns we had brought large areas of Illinar to the loyalty of the Queen, but had not laid the ursurper's force low.

Diamond Banecroft
The Falcons The Falcons
The Falcons The Red Dragon Clan

The Barony supported the South. By Sunday, we were most of the South. On Sunday, the Red Dragon Clan squad had in the limited battles the best Southern Squad victory total, thanks to inspired archery fire and help from the Southern Wastes and Iron Kingdom.

Song of Illinar VI
Diamond Banecroft
The Realms forces continued their bid to place Queen Aideen on the throne of Illinar. Diamond, Auric, Adara, Alexander, and Gek attended. The realms army circled around Illinar's hinterlands, defeating monsters and restoring the queen's peace and helping the commonfolk to the east and south while the Queen's forces stalemated the enemy in Hambleford. By nightfall we had a detour to rescue some of our own followed by a quest into the elements to attempt to defeat the demon which empower's the Illinarian witch's magics. Actually it turned out to be a quest to gain access to the land where we might hope to quest to defeat that demon. We were buffeted by wind, skirmish-waded through the water, extinguished a pyre of fire, and negotiated with earth elementals who informed us about the history behind the demon's binding.

Tournaments of Nadina II
Diamond Banecroft
The Falcons, led by Temorse, held their second annual Tournament. A front man for a Demon petitioned Diamond for permission to attend, and was eventually run off by Bonechewer, Mythguard, and other adventurers.

Queen of Hearts XIV
Diamond Banecroft
Team Tinker
Team Tinker
Diamond, Temorse, Mordak, and Killian attended. The Falcons supported Team Twen as previously agreed, Diamond supported Team Tinkerer. This tournament was particularly fun because a breakdown of long-standing team-creation alliances had leveled the playing field. As a result, there were more teams (4) and the project torunaments were the result of weeks, not months of preparation and thus the level of competition was the same but the stress level was reduced.

Folkestone Questing '07
Diamond Banecroft
Vicous Vartans menace the village of Peachton. Diamond, Adara, Alexander, Orion, Slice, Croythar, Talia, Puffpastry, Lochlan, and Falafer are among those who respond to the call for aid. The militian Vartans are after the contents of a vault located beneath the village. Satuday is an all-day battle for the runic stones needed to open the vault. Then we met the tests in the vault to prevent the Vartans from freeing the undying threat there.

Hunter's Moon
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Temorse, Adara, Killian, Alexander, and Kheldar attended. The adventurer's guild brought about a series of short quests. Temorse did some flanking during an escort mission. Killian also excelled at flanking lines of monsters in difficult terrain. Adara served at the feast. Alexander ruled the game of Magic. Kheldar won the bead game.

3rd Annual Black Rose Hold´┐Żem Tournament
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Auric, Mitchell, Alexander, Kheldar, and Killian attended. All three Baronials who entered the tournament survive to the final table, Temorse going out with only 4 opponents remaining, Auric next, and finally Mitchell placed third. Rahode came in second place, and Da'oud wind the jackpot. Killian sets some sort of record by sleeping in until 5:15 pm.

A Very Merry Yule at Uncle Cecil's Crazy Tavern
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Savyne, and (Ian) attended. No adventure worthy of note, just a fun relaxing time. (Ian and Alex got to play togather.)

Hypothermia V
Diamond Banecroft
MUST CORRECT DATE to February 9, 2008

Alexander, Temorse, Kheldar and Adara joined an expedtion led by Harlest to take control of the points necessary to dissipate the realms-wide geomancy pattern, for which Realms adventurers have battled the Apprentice and other forces since '99. Beginning at equilibrium, this expedition battled the Dog Pack and point guardians to control the various inner points of the pentagram. Each point yeilded a scroll of runes, which Alexander carefully collected. The runes were solved by Lirr and Kheldar, which resulted in a ritual which the expedition used to put Fenris to sleep at one of the outer points. This put a majority of the pentagram in their control, which they then dissolved, ending the Apprentice's bid for reals-wide geomantic power.