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993:Lean Year 994:Baronial Golden Age 995:Growth in Influence
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A Dragon's Legacy
Diamond Banecroft
Adventurers contested with a group of mercenaries to find and acquire Vericon's treasure. Adventurers who were passing through Nadina were just in time to help fix the town's walls while under attack by undead. While repelling that attack, they discovered a fellow-traveller's map, which led them to Vericon's hidden lair. Forcing their way past Vericon's games, puzzles and traps, the advneturers were in a race against time against a group of mercenaries and necromancers who were also after Vericon's treasure.

The adventurers defeated the mercenaries and gained the lore and specie which were Vericon's final message.

Knights of the Eternal Flame Tournament '10
Diamond Banecroft
Lord Temorse, Squire Grindin, and Lady Adara competed. Sir Diamond was among the EF marshals. Lord Temorse won Sword and Shield, and came in second in both Knighs+Squires and wrestling. Squire Grindin won the one-path tourney and came in second in the single-short, spirit + steel, and sword + shield. Squire Kovaks won the KOEF Challenge.

Feast of Chimeron XVIII
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Myrddin, Savyne, Tiara, and Ian attended. The Blue Falcons were released from fealty amiacably, going forward with their own, new group. A good peaceful time in Chimeron, we first sought out food for the feast. To that end, Ian got his first quest accomplishment by getting the piglet. Our party was the first to complete our dinner hunt, thanks in great part to Byron's valor. Byron not only out-"roasted" the swine which left others toung-tied, he also single-handedly slew the frumious Bandersnatch! The fearsome beast which had terrorized strong parties for years fell to his dagger. As with the purple bandersnatch so many years ago, the weakness was a gap in the plates on the belly. Best meat I've ever tasted.

That night, warned by Cuguline of evil Weyland experiments, we quested to destroy one of Weyland's altars. We had to split the army and solve runes along two different paths, each one controlling the progress of the other. In the confusion, Diamond briefly lost the Barony's Nothern Light sword, but Myrddin led a scouting party back and quickly reovered it.

This was key in the final encounter- Weyland's forge was connected to Bedlam, and as we tried to figure out how to defuse the forge, powerful Banein leapt out at us and sowed death and fear among us. They were finally defeated by the wielders of the Northern Light blades and we retired back to Chimeron.

Green and Gold XII
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Myrddin, Tiara, and Whisperain attended. Sandard tourneying between the experienced and the energetic. We had visions from Tetch that some would soon have a chance to gain the favor of the Higher Planes in our ongoing battles against the demons.

Tournaments of Creathorne 17
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Ian, Myrddin, Tiara, Whisperain, and Adara attended. Myrddin mediates justice and organizes attempts to aid Myth Drannor.

North/South War 2010
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Tiara, and Adara attended. We were joined in strength by the Red Dragons (Slice, Croythar, Lemur, and Cloak), the Scorpions (Sedric, Drucis, Brutus, and Chickenhawk), and the Order of the Cheese (Big Cheese, Brother Blue, and Brother Mu).

Grinden beat Kovaks to become the General of one of the two teams. During the first bridge battle, Banecroft was instrumental in waiting for the opportune moment, then finally breaking though the rightmost bridge and rolling up the army. Lady Adara brought her Baronial sevice to an amiacble close. Diamond and the Red Dragons gained the blessing of Luna's Light.

Feast of Blackwood 2010
Diamond Banecroft
Tiara attended.

Boot Camp II
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Myrddin, Tiara, Whisperain attended.

Blood Games 2010
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Kovaks, Janus, Temorse, Osric, Jaha, and XT attended.

On Friday we came in second in the tug of war thanks to good teamwork and tactics. Diamond came in first in the Friend or Foe tournament. Janus tied for second in the Obelisks tournament and gained second place in Friend of Foe. The Skull team which included Jaha, Xt, Temorse, and Osric gained second place, and the team which had Diamond, Kovaks and Janus came in third.

The Realms won fourth place overall, a very impressive showing and only surpassed by signifcantly larger teams.

KoEF Questing III
Diamond Banecroft
Myrddin, Tiara, Whisperain quested, (Diamond on the western flank). Myrddin used Luna's candle (gained at NSWar) and learned important secrets. In another gate, they discovered slaughtered remains of Twilight Fae, slain by a fearsome hunting creature. Gryf held a ritual in which several adventurer Fae, including Myrddin and Tiara, swore to remember the Twilight Fae.

Realms Aid IV
Diamond Banecroft
Myrddin, Tiara and Whisperain quested. A godling was attempting to replace tark one, through use of the Blackood Planar Shieldstone. With 7 sub-demons, and an alter for each, the adventurers systematically destroyed the altars and freed the posessed adventurers. Tiara called upon the Sun and Shadow to destroy one of those altars. Through clever use of regional magics, Myrddin wrested control of an undead from one of the demons.

Black & White 2010
Diamond Banecroft
Myrddina nd Tiara were there, and worked dilligently to repair the disenchanted Northern Lights blade of Banecroft. To that end, they called spirits of Baronial ancestors, the one they thought was Rufus was hostile, but Emerald clued us in that we may already have such ancestors available.

King Pyr went under the hill, naming Cecil as prince and heir to be coronated in the spring. Garridan was named Baron of Fairhaven by Dame Gil.

Tournaments of the Souls Edge
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Myrddin, Tiara attend (and Whisperain on the Western Flank). They are joined by Vandoria, a petitioner to Caer Melyn and now Borderguardian. There is a basic goblin hunt.