Banecroft Barony

History :: 992








972:The Fall of Banecroft 991:Refounding 992:The Road to Independance
993:Lean Year 994:Baronial Golden Age 995:Growth in Influence
996:Upping the Ante 997:A Gathering Storm 998:Taking the Field
999:Laurels 1000:Renaissance 1001:Learning
1002:A Brighter Future 1003:Allies 1004:Many Voices
1005:Old Threats 1006:Coming of Age 1007:Return to Roots
1008:Portents 1009:Change of Focus 1010:Steady On

Diamond Banecroft
Banecroft is officially founded. The day was celebrated with feasting and Live Chess. Meg supported by Chimeron defeated Diamond supported by Banecroft in live chess match.

Crown Tourney
Diamond Banecroft
The Knights of the Crown are founded and Sir Shane is knighted as the first knight of the crown by King James of Coventry. Diamond first used archery for the first time and loved it. He set a goal for himself: to one day be an equal archer to Sir Fletch.

The Third Annual Tournament of Fools
Diamond Banecroft
Banecroft swears fealty to Queen Meg as part of the ledgendary "massive swearing in ceremony". Jamal began learning healing magic.

The Fourth Annual Blackavar Spring Festival
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond accidentally kissed a king's ring, not knowing what it signified. Diamond also won the punning tourney.

The Wars for Addison
Diamond Banecroft
A Fey Prince attacked the Realms. Banecroft defends the bridge with Chimeron. Two waves of Cu-Ghobline were repulsed, but third wave defeats them. However, the fey depart, satisfied with our "addison".

Jamal was scalped while trying to aprehend the theif who stole his focus. An event later, the Barony quested to save him, but failed. Johan was then made Sceneshal.

Diamond Banecroft
The Mace of Rhomer was excavated from under Castle Bob by Pol and Angus Coville. Banecroft attended, but was left out of excavation by Chimeron. Negotiations for independence were begun. Diamond, Cecelia, Cedric, Biggun Dumm, Mariah and Gilgamesh attended.