Banecroft Barony

History :: 993








972:The Fall of Banecroft 991:Refounding 992:The Road to Independance
993:Lean Year 994:Baronial Golden Age 995:Growth in Influence
996:Upping the Ante 997:A Gathering Storm 998:Taking the Field
999:Laurels 1000:Renaissance 1001:Learning
1002:A Brighter Future 1003:Allies 1004:Many Voices
1005:Old Threats 1006:Coming of Age 1007:Return to Roots
1008:Portents 1009:Change of Focus 1010:Steady On

View From Valehaven Benefit Potluck Dinner
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond witnessed the infamous Chimeron-Verai missive to Blackavar. Banecroft became officially independent.

The Wayland War
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Johan, Biggun Dumm, Mariah and Gilgamesh fought for Prospero. Prospero's forces win the war with Antonio, but Prospero ran off with with the winnings he had promised to pay to those who fought with him.

Diamond Banecroft
Prospero returned. With the Wayland blade that he stole during the Wayland War, he managed to split Farie in two. He also summoned a quartet of elementals. Prospero narrowly escaped permanent death, when Jarrod of Folkestone failed to scalp him. Jarrod and Tetch did manage to recover the stolen Wayland Blade. Barony members Cecilia and Loke immediately preceded Jarrod and Tetch but were killed. Diamond and Cedric also attended