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Second Annual Feast of Rhiassa
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond sung poorly and wins the "most humerous" bardic.

4th Annual Feast of Chimeron - The War of the Roses
Diamond Banecroft
Zermarx invaded, and captured the Mace of Rhomer. Ties between Zermarx and The Nameless One were shown. Gwen was possessed by Red by accepting a black rose. Bardin displayed multiple personalities which became worse as the year progressed.

Diamond Banecroft
The Baron of Banecroft became the Champion of Faelie. TopKnot became the govenor of Misty Glenn. Diamond gains the dagger of Faelie and is named "Renissance Man".

The Great Goblin Hunt
Diamond Banecroft
The Bandersnatch was released by the Black Star Guild. Banecroft successfully quested for the components of the ritual needed to call a guide so they can rescue Gwen. Diamond loses the magnus dagger. The Cadre robs Bardin of the Basalisk scalp.

Tourney at Creathorne '96
Diamond Banecroft
Event Picture
Diamond assembles with Cleya
The infamous Cadre War occured. The Bandersnatch was killed. Banecroft cast the ritual to call the guide, but it failed because Creathorne was too far away from the guide.

Long Day's Journey Into Twilight
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond realized that Night was fated to win this war because it was the day of the year that the days began getting shorter again. He leaves the battle and became the only supporter of Day left in the end.

North-South War II
Diamond Banecroft
The South won. Early in they day Diamond and Bardin entered the questing tourney. In that tourney Soshana accused the Baron of backstabbing, and it is over a year before his name was cleared. The Barony quested into the Rainbow Plane to free Gwen from Red. We freed Gwen and gained valuable insight on how the Colors worked. Unfortunately, the Barony was lost and the non-Barony companions who escaped carried Blue to the Realms, where it escaped. The Mace of Rhomer was recovered.

Dark Vision II
Diamond Banecroft
The Death-knight of Kalin the Concorer demanded an apology from Diamond.

Mithril's Might
Diamond Banecroft
Neville the purple merchant made his first appearance

Diamond Banecroft
In the Nexus, The Barony was freed from the Rainbow Plane. Stuart formed an alliance with Stormbringer so that Peregrin could re-build Tuath Fasach. Shane killed Karena ShadowRider, releasing her from the Nameless One. The Shadow Hunter killed Sir Callin. The Dogs of War Blade and Quick were finally laid to rest. Bardin left Banecroft under dubious circumstances. Gwen is robbed of Smaug and Fafnir.

The Orc-Goblin War
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond and Merridoc made attempts to win the Courier's tourney for Banecroft. While Merridoc faced bandits, Grendel's mom and Baba Yaga, Diamond spent the night deciphering runes.

The Seventh Element
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond regained the stolen swords Smaug and Fafnir. Diamond was scalped by Ilithids but was restored the next day by Meddidoc.

Tilting the Balance.
Diamond Banecroft
At the last Rwathchlwyn event, Diamond finally briefly visited this legendary place. Source of ledgends, he had wished to quest there for years. Now it was too late. That night, Diamond was transported by Morgil's powerful magics to Gwenethelyn which is being overrun by pirates, thieves and the like.

# August
Diamond Banecroft
Zermarx was defeated. The Soul Blade was Reforged. The enchanted Dagger Dorthack was forged to destroy the orc avatar Skullcrusher. To make the dagger, Peregrin and Stuart PROMISED to pay the god Yaneth the Skull of Skullcrusher. Zhenya and Keregan also became servants of the god. Diamond sacrifices his magic arrow and the Spellbook of Targral to empower Dorthak. Gwen gave the swords Smaug and Fafnir up to gain the co-operation of Fafnir the Dragon. Diamond killed a demon for the first time using the dagger of Faelie.

Lost Lake Tavern
Diamond Banecroft
Merridoc single-handedly recovered the magic sword everyone was questing for and then surprised everyone by returning it to the dwarven smith who created it, the rightful owner in Merridoc's eyes. He earned the Hrothgar award for this honorable act, but loses the sword

Queen of Hearts Tourneys and War Manuevers III
Diamond Banecroft
Banecroft supports Lady Cleya, Diamond again acts as general. Lorhner wins the running competition. This is Merridoc's last event before retiring.

Diamond Banecroft
Banecroft travels to Fleetwood to fight goblins. It rains hard.

The Brenda Armageddon
Diamond Banecroft
The Realms was invaded by poisoned water elementals. A pure water elemental came to plead for help to purify her tainted land. The Realms complied and aquired the water talisman. The Realms plugged the hole to the Water Plane by killing the pure water elemental. At the end of the night quest, the plug we needed was floating out in the water. While others battled in the shallows, Diamond snuck quietly around behind the fight, got the plug and swam to shore. The instant before he reached safety, someone mistook him for a monster attacking and killed him. But Sir Shean raised him moments later. Drake leaves the Barony, Rebel Joins.

Into the Moongate
Diamond Banecroft
The realms travelled Into the Moongate to save the missing Sir Pyr. We became involved in the 'Great Dragon's' game. Hate won the game. Rebecca Silver recovered the magic sword that only women can use. Tetch refused direct orders from the Dragon Queen, and was mildly cursed. Myrdden became the champion for love. For his help in bringing back Sir Pyr, Gonf gave a dragon's scale to Diamond.

the Black & White Masquerade II
Diamond Banecroft
Magic Users were given a glimpse into the future by an unknown power. Myrdden ran dancing, of course.

The Dark Dominion
Diamond Banecroft
Banecroft tangled with the Shadowmaster. This is Savyne's first event.

Diamond Banecroft
The Earth Goddess threatened to destroy several villages through her shaking. We travelled into the depths to discover what was causing the quakes, and also to see if we could recover the fifth Wayland Blade, Belith. Meerkat was killed, and was possessed by a Lich's Childe. Meerkat betrayed us and took the blade, becoming Belith's Champion. Myrdden was lost on the second level and Ilyona was lost on the third. Kyle Grey saved them both by willingly remaining behind with the Earth Goddess. Diamond and Veros survived.

Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Gwen and Rebel are scalped. The issue is finally resolved, and is officially closed. Diamond takes a magic ring from one of Sauron's minions. The ring proves to be dangerously cursed, although useful. Gwen casts her divine intervention to talk with the Earth Goddess to see if she will take something in exchange for Kyle Grey's freedom. The Earth Goddess replies that three must put their souls at risk to save Kyle.