Banecroft Barony

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972:The Fall of Banecroft 991:Refounding 992:The Road to Independance
993:Lean Year 994:Baronial Golden Age 995:Growth in Influence
996:Upping the Ante 997:A Gathering Storm 998:Taking the Field
999:Laurels 1000:Renaissance 1001:Learning
1002:A Brighter Future 1003:Allies 1004:Many Voices
1005:Old Threats 1006:Coming of Age 1007:Return to Roots
1008:Portents 1009:Change of Focus 1010:Steady On

Feast of The Leviathan
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Veros, Yllona and Savyne attend. Diamond wins the signature tourney, Yllona wins the storytelling tourney, and Savyne wins the spellcasting tourney. Clues are learned about new and old threats.

Feast of Creathorne
Diamond Banecroft
Myrddin and Gwen attend the Feast of Creathorne. Myrddin learns about politics.

Dark Hunt
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Veros and Darwin undertake a Dark Hunt to kill Mara, the Dark Childe of the Nameless One. They journey with an army of Chimeroneans into caverns beneath Chimeron by a little used back door. An Enscorcerelled Eldritch does terrible damage through backstabbing. Folkesclone is defeated and then victorious. The adventurers destroy the Kulthranai's attempt to open a gate to their home plane, but fail to slay Mara. Diamond outshoots Periclone. Veros proves critical all over the battlefield with his magic sword, particularly against shadows. Darwin makes a big difference against the Kulthranai line with magic missles. Noteable among the Chimeron Militia working closely with us, Brynn is a staunch supporter and Owen shows leadership.

Feast of Chimeron
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Veros, Gwen, Myrddin and Yllyona attend the. Antonio the merchant is there, not seen since the Wayland War back in 993. During the night quest, the Barony does very well at defeating the monsters in the dungeon, but is not so good at finding the ring they are looking for once the dungeon was pacified. Savyne finishes her quest to empower a magic sword. Myrddin makes progress on his knightly challenges. Morale is high.

Tournaments of Creathorne
Diamond Banecroft
Veros and Gwen attend. Gwen and Aelias are married by Morgil.

Diamond Banecroft
Diamond helps the Lunatarans destroy the Dragonlords. First they go to the Mountain of Power where thy fight a horde of Shalnuk's undead creations. Finally enlisting the aid of a surly Shalnuk, Aiden is empowered with the strength to beat the dragon. The adventurers attack the dragonlord city and overwhelm it. Shalnuk is in need of being restored to life, as his current existance as undead is steadily draining him of his humanity.

Diamond Banecroft
Diamond and Myrddin go to Rathkeale to destroy one of the last remaining Banein, Hunger. The adventurers learn the ritual to go underwater and then attack the fort, where they are finally victorious after a terrible battle.

North/South War
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Veros, Myrddin and Savyne attend. The Jade Falcons show up and support Diamond as northern general. After years of trying, Diamond wins the general competition and is general for the North. After valiant fighting on both sides, the South wins the war.

Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Veros and Savyne experience some repercussions. Adventurers accidentally release an ancient evil while trying to contain the damage caused by a goblin shaman. A gate opened by the demond Crimsoneye is closed.

Queen of Hearts
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Veros, Darwin, and Savyne attend. They join Eagle's Rook, Gwenethelyn and Woodhaven adventurers in supporting Sir Tetch for Queen. Tetch wins the bardic, the Tinkerers win the garb tourney, and Akimoro continues tradition by winning the newbie tourney.

Diamond Banecroft
Diamond and Veros journey to Teng Hua to oppose the necromancer Junzo Maki. In the course of building a gate to Teng Hua, the adventurers undergo a perilous march across the wilds of Gwenethelyn, and journey by boat to the island nation of Teng Hua. Once there they make an opposed landing and finish building the gate despite the resistance of ninja and undead samaurai. That night they attempt to liberate peasants imprissoned in a death camp, but are defeated. During this battle, Veros is critical and succeeds in aquiring a magical Katana, one of the items of regalia govorning the imperial succession. The next day the adventurers assemble an important staff despite many decoys. That night, the adventurers explore a haunted house that contains the keys to enter a fort that is the center of Junzo Maki's power in this province. Once the keys are in hand, the army assualts the fort and destroys it, freeing one province from the necromancer and leaving two to go. On the last day, the few remaining adventurers carry out a scavanger hunt with yet another item of regalia offered up as the prize. Some precautions are taken to insure that the scavenger hunt does not empower Junzo Maki.

Feast of the Leviathan II
Diamond Banecroft
Event Picture
Veros and Diamond
discuss things
Diamond, Veros and Savyne attend the Feast of the Leviathan. Diamond wins the signature tourney. Veros is appointed Sherrif of Chimeron. This is Veros' last event as a Baronial. After 5 years of faithful Baronial Service, Veros requests and is granted an honorable discharge.