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(originally published View From Valehaven December 1994)

Every fresh face in the Realms wants to understand what is going on in the plot and have a hand in its resolution, but it isn't easy at first. A newbie's lack of magic or training wasn't what prevented me from having a significant hand in the plot, it was my lack of experience in how the Realms worked. Now, as an aid to those new to the Realms, here are three things I now know that I wish I'd known from the start:

Don't be afraid to talk to people. At one's first event, you are surrounded by strangers carrying weapons, many of them pretty scary looking (either the people or the weapons that is). Or there are nobles surrounded by their followers, closed off from you, and yet you want to know what is going on. Nevertheless, if you want to find out, you have to get in and ask. What is the worst that can happen? Even if there are a few false starts, sooner or later (probably sooner), you'll encounter someone helpful. More importantly, you'll be noticed and will start making contacts. And that helpful person could grow to become a friend in need or valued ally.

At "The Lost Gate", I noticed several new players to the Realms. One of them jumped right in, talking to everyone, no matter how menacing and quickly he had a great time gethering information, spying and conning (for that was what his character was into). [2009 note- I was referring to my OOC brother Steve Diamond who was playing Taziar] The other new players soet of had that "lsot sheep" look for a while eventually got the hang of things with a little help.

Use your head. Not every creature encountered should be attacked. When you don't have a super-powered quest team, particularly without the raises to absorb casualties, some sublety is uniquely helpful. Whenever you can bribe the troll, outwit the fairy, sneak by without waking the spider, [2009 note- these are all examples drawn from our deeds in more successful quests] or find out what exactly the strange creature that isn't attacking you yet wants, do so.

Also, use your head about what to keep secret. Some people are obsessive about secrecy (perhaps hoping to gather as much glory as possible). There are certain things that should be spread as far as possible, for the sake of the Realms as a whole. For instance, the true name of the Demon Nemesis is "Demon Prince Machiavelli". Not responsible for injuries or loss from my misspelling.

Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. With the exception of msyself, my team is new to the Realms, and it is because of their bravery and teamwork, not skill in weapons or mafic, that we completed both the night quest and gauntlet at "Killer Northern Death Bunnies". Beacuse of the confusion inherent in a large battle, it is usually easier to kill your neighbor's opponent than your own. I'm not saying don't fight the person across from you, just always keep an eye open for how you can help your friends. I did not win the archer's goblin hunt at "Titania's Game" entirely because of archery skill, but because my followers were keeping me from being killed and retrieving arrows even though they couldn't help attack the goblins. While questing, a nice tight line with shields in the front, supported by long weapons, supported with arros and magic missles will be be much more effective than a disorganized horde, even if more numerous.

Finally, don't be afraid to get into the thick of things. Your teammates are counting on you. Even if it is a huge mob of undead, someone has to stop them. No one ever said being part of the plot was easy or safe.