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Bebhinn is a fae elf who originally came from a land on the other side of the mountains to the west.

Bebhinn reveres the land, trees, and the Elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air) and believes that while each person must follow their own path, that she is called to find balance and harmony in her own life. She seeks to balance her desire for solitude with her desire for society... She will not draw blood from any being that comprehends language as she feels this comes between her and her ability to be in harmony with the universe. (However, she is no vegetarian and has been known to set snares for wildlife, kill fowl or rodent with her own hands, prepare the meat and eat with gusto)

To Bebhinn, music and magic are inextricably wound together, as well as tied to her reverence for the Elements of the universe.

While Bebhinn maintains a treehouse within Caer Melyn, her duties as Ambassador to the Iron Kingdom mean that she is most often found at Blackmount and has an apartment there. She is very fond of the inhabitants of Blackmount and cherishes her friendship with the Thanes of the Iron Kingdom, GunthaR Bonechewer and Thon Lightbringer. More information