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As the most experienced healer, she is responsible for the Health of the Barony. Currently on detached duty to Thorn Valley. Gwendolyn has been in the Barony for longer than any other active member other than the Baron himself. Darwin is her Brother. The first time Gwen adventured with the Barony, we were questing into the Lost Gate. When the Barony was attacked by overwhelming numbers of ghouls, Gwen and Cecelia were the only ones to survive the initial attack. Guided past danger by Childrack the changechild, they journeyed deep into the dungeon. There, Gwen encountered the Champion and despite her inexperience met the champion's challenge. She was the only one brave enough to face the Champion in honorable combat, and in so doing so won the enchanted blades Smaug and Fafnir, once used to destroy the Nameless One's avatar.

Gwendolyn has received the Hrothgar Award for "Bravery and Honor beyond the call of Duty" for her actions in saving the Baron while deep in a troll-infested dungeon. The Baron was captured and imprissoned by the Troll King along with another leader who had led an adventuring party into the cavern, Crazyelf. Crazyelf was livid because his followers had spotted him, but decided it was too dangerous to save him.

"Don't worry," the Baron told his fellow prisoner, "I have two followers in this cavern. If I call, both will show up." He did, and shortly Fenwulf (retired) was dragged in, dead. Gwendolyn left the group she had taken shelter in, and snuck through the dungeon all alone to reach the Baron. Unfortunately, when she arrived there were far too many trolls in the room for her to fight. She challenged the leader to honorable combat. She fought bravely, but was wounded until she could fight no more. Impressed by her courage, the troll king ordered his minions to throw her out of his domain alive. She left and got help, a large force including many Chimeroneans.

When this large party attacked, most of the trolls left to defend the cavern enterance. While they were away, a new adventurer who had started the day adventuring with the Baron poked his head into the room with the troll king and his prisoners. The Baron saw this and started talking to the troll king, keeping his attention occupied and covering the sounds of the new adventurer sneaking up to backstab the troll. Soon the Baron, Crazyelf and Fenwulf were free, and they took the troll king's treasure and rejoined Gwen and the Chimeronean army.

Gwen was for a while posessed by Red, but was restored after lengthy and risky questing.