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Banecroft Barony

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    Queen of Hearts V

  • Team Amica
  • Lady Amica was captured by Drow early in the tournaments. It was not until Sunday that she was rescued. Here she has recovered somewhat from her ordeal.
  • Gwen and Aelias in a tender moment. At the combined Banecroft-Thorn Valley court, Aelias asked Gwendolyn for her hand in marriage. As you can see, she was happy to accept.
  • Tobias is a long time friend of the Barony. Furthermore, he can often be found in Banecroft, where his healing expertise is well appreciated. Even when not adventuring, he volunteered his skills to help us when we were loosing children to the Nightmaster, when the dead sailors appeared from the gate, and when the Mermaid died.
  • Dragon's Breath, a Phoenix group, arrived to help. We were very glad to have them with us, and their strength and numbers were critical. Without them, the war maneuvers would have been much harder for us.
  • Battle Chess: Team Amica in the midst of Battle Chess. If you look closely, you can see Diamond hiding behind Luin, and Yllona in the front of the battle.

    Winter's White II

  • Prince Morgil hosted this feast. Here he is at the high table.
  • Diamond and Dragonsbreath fought their way through a bandit hideout to destroy the menace.
  • The mage duel was won by Kyden. Here he faces the final challenge: facing Sir Morgil and defeating him with his own sorceries.