Banecroft Barony

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Bancroft Tower
Banecroft Tower
Map of Banecroft
Map of Banecroft
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Banecroft is a country small in population and industry, but rich in land and natural resources. Situated on the Great North/South road, it is in a good spot to trade with the rich nations of Chimeron and Blackwood.
Formerly heavily wooded, Banecroft was not well suited for vast farming. The vast logging in the southeast performed during the Illinarean occupation has changed that somewhat. Now the wheat and corn fields common in Chimeron have been extended into Banecroft. Hunting is a widespread suppliment to one's diet, but Myrdden, in his ranger cpacity, is responsible for placing some animals off-limits for hunting at certain times so that the herd may replenish. Fish is a part of the Baronial Diet as well, caught by the fishermen of Nadina Lake. Vegtable gardens are common. Wheat, potatoes and corn are the dietary staple. Apples are common and Baronial Cider is an export as well as a frequent part of the Baron's meals.
Industry is light, but there is the phosphors mine. After it is mined, it is processed and purified in the alchemical lab to create the magical components needed by many mages for the "light" spell. Despite several years of trying to increase the output of the lab, it still has only a small output. These and other spell components (most notably the 'improved' circle for the "circle of protection" spell) form an important cash income for the Barony. Although the output brings in only a small income, it manages to keep the baronial mages well-stocked and the tower well lit.
Crafts of renown include a skilled cobbler. In addition to the baronial inahbitants, Lestas has repaired the boots of lords of Blackwood, healers of renown, and well-travelled scribes. There is also a prolific potter whose work holds the food of commoner and Blackwood princess alike. Recently, two new craftsmen have taken up residence in Banecroft. Both a candlemaker and leatherworker are now working their trade in the village. Her candles are the best in the Realms, found in the feast gear of The Baron, Queen Meg, and Prince Morgil.
The Blue Falcons administer Nadina, more information on them can be found here. Some dated information provided by earlier administrators can be found here.