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An interview with Rosetta at Black and White 1021 I wanted to better understand the way to use Runic magic, as Rosetta had been teaching it to people, and I came to learn some this last year. To that end, I arranged this interview with Rosetta. I began circuitously asking about how Ged became Rosetta because I wanted context for the key question on Runic magic which followed. -Diamond (My clarifications or comments in the answers are in Parenthesis) Questions for Rosetta at Black and White 1021. Note phrasing avoids direct requests. Q:Let me know if these questions are in any way impertinent, and I will withdraw them immediately. I was introduced to you as Ged, I’m a bit set in my ways, but I understand you are Rosetta just as Sir Owen is Cú Chulainn. I am curious how well do you remember being Rosetta, and more clearly the becoming therof? One wonders how is it possible you are him given that sources say you met him? A: Rosetta was Fae councellor of Magic to Queen Mave. He saw darkness coming, and feared Cú Chulainn would fail to protect Queen Mave. Oberon convinced Rosetta that Mave would be safe if Cú Chulainn were overthrown. But Oberon’s promises were lies and Mave perished when the court was attacked by Bedlam. Sir Harkon (not Sir Lucas Harkon whom we know but rather an ancestor) imprisoned Rosetta. Rosetta’s students fled to the mortal lands and traded knowledge to survive. Thus Rosetta’s (Fae) students were (unintentional) forerunners to the (mortal) Blackstar guild. Aeons pass. 37 years ago the Blackstar Guild tried to breed a new body for Rosetta. Part of Rosetta’s soul was redirected to a human baby, Ged. Ged grew up to become (the adventurer we met). At the 13th Hour of the Bedlam Crisis, Ged researched the 5th councellor, Rosetta. As he researched, Ged gradually became like Rosetta. In the trials of for the Councellors, Ged led a quest to free Rosetta. During that quest Arivari and Shane (Not Sir Shane, a younger fellow) died permanently, but Rosetta was freed to join Ged. br br Q: I read in the Library of Ivory that “Rosetta was the closest pawn, but in front of the King due to the fact that he was doomed to take the fall for one King's attack on another.” The attack referenced must be the fall of the Fey court to the Bois. The attack was the unleashing of the Bois on the original court, masterminded by Oberon (who became king), and perpetrated on King Cú Chulainn. The phrase “take the fall for” implies that Rosetta didn’t do it. Other sources say he did. I am not clear if the other sources are wrong, or if I am misunderstanding. A: Oberon sacrificed Rosetta to the mists after the fall of the court. Rosetta did betray the original court. Hence the blade “Redemption” was given to Ged (by Father Yule) in acknowlgement that his (Ged’s) acts in the recent Bedlam crisis redeemed him (Rosetta). Q:I understand Rosetta was the origin of the runic magic which you showed to me. I’m interested in the nature of this different kind of magic: like, was it discovered or invented? A: Excellent question! Some of each. Rosetta’s master was from deep in the first age, and his name has been intentionally forgotten, very dark magic. This dark master knew you could put a body/mind/soul and bind it to a name and symbol in elemental space. Once done, the dark master could call on that as a rune. Said runes could be combined in a complicated way as Runic Magic (as taught recently by Rosetta. Here I interrupted, shocked, and asked if ALL runes were created from someone being sacrificed in elemental space, and if they could be rescued. Very dark magic indeed.) It is possible to draw runes out of elemental space, which would make runic magic not work on that rune. Rosetta in ancient times helped willing beings become runes voluntarily. Recently Ged made Arivari (one who perished in Ged’s quest to restore Rosetta) a rune. Only a few runes were unwilling, and there have been quests to unrune some of the unwilling ones. The Blackstar Guild made one of the runes, “Quillion”, but their lore to do so was lost when the Guild was killed. (There was some follow-up and back and forth wherein I concluded, and he confirmed, that the true use of the Runes was as a framework for ritual magic, allowing one to direct the effects of your ritual, be it an intervention or vision or any other ritual magic. The runes are not additional spells, they are a way of enterpreting and directing the basic structure of magic, albeit a structure imprinted upon by the Dark Master, Rosetta, and the Blackstar Guild.) (Checking my copy of Rosetta's Runes much later, I think I misheard when I wrote down “Quillion” above, as I can not find it in the list, not even among the "Lost Runes". Presumambly, those "lost runes" can be caused by the de-runeing process alluded to above.)