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The buck stops here. Responsible for activites of all True Followers, for good or ill, and for the wellfare of True Followers and citizens of Banecroft. In addition to overseeing the others, he judges disputes and dispenses law. Training his followers and diplomacy with other nations also take up his time. He is was the only one who knows how to reach the mysterious Area 51 before thieves looted it in 1006.

Diamond was raised as a child by Francois and Charlotte Millhaven, who were prosperous merchants. Francois wished for Diamond to follow in his footsteps and when Diamond came of age he was sent to a top school to finish learning all that a merchant needs know. He was tutored in math, foreign languages, philosophy, diplomacy and fencing. Finally, he was tested for magical potential.

Unfortunately, Diamond proved to be a dissapointment to his adopted father. Or, in Francois' words, "A frivolous, lazy layabout!" Diamond did not concentrate on any of his classes except for fencing, and he had no magical potential. Even those who cannot cast spells have a certain "background count" of magical potential, but even this was absent in Diamond. When he lost his place at school, he fell into a crowd of devil-may-care adventurers living hand to mouth, where he met his friend Jamal. They both improved their martial skills by training in Chimeron, and when Jamal discovered who the heir of Banecroft was, together they founded Banecroft again with Chimeronean support. Another friend of his from that time, Shea Muriel, departed on a different adventure and never returned. For years, the Baron had a standing reward for information that would put him in contact with her again, but she never turned up.

Diamond quickly grew into responsibility, setting aside his nature to kick back and let things pass. His skills and attitudes matured. Duty became his driving force. Grimmer and more capable than in his youth, his memory is somewhat infamous for forgetting details. Although he has himself no magical power, many a time he has performed ritual magic and thus has learned much of the theory.