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Welcome to my little area of Banecroft. Not much time to write at the moment. Lots to rebuild after the mess Illinar left us. But moral is high amongst the peasents right up to the Nobility. As you can see I have been shackled... er awarded the position of Sceneshal. I jest of course. It is an honor to serve one such as the Baron.

I suppose the basics are in order for the moment. 1st I am not a human, although I appear to be one. I am a Dream Elemental, bound to this plane for... several duties. It is the nature of this binding that forces me to live as a human. Recent events have, at times, made my non-human nature more apparent. I don't like null-magic zones. I share the same father as Duchess Gwen of Thorne Valley, though I do not claim any ties to that nation. I view it my duty to protect my sister, as well as all good people of the Realms. That is the one of the many reasons I caved in an took the Sceneshalship. How better to further those goal than to help direct (and protect) one of the kindest nations in the Realms I have seen!?

Well, time to get back to work. I guess its less than a month before evil reveals its newest plan to crush/kill/maime/destroy/terrorize/conquer etc. -Darwin of the Dreaming