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Winter Fest 9
Diamond Banecroft
The Falcons and I were there. I remember the puzzle in the Dwarven tomb. Trudging throught the snow and cold to find blood.

Feast of the Leviathan VI
Diamond Banecroft
I attended, played pictionary.

Diamond Banecroft
The Falcons and I were there. A vampire stalked me most of the night, and while I dodged him ost of the night, it was only thanks to the Falcons and the magic Magic Missle that Darwin had lent to us that I escaped.

I think this was the event I did my part to rescue Brighthammer by succeeding at one of the trials at the end of Saturday. The Falcons perfected their combat-raises-fast-running-skirmishing tactic.

Big Game Hunt IV
Diamond Banecroft
Darwin, Auric, a team of Blue Falcons, and myself were there. We were unable to win this year, and Darwin returned the Magic Magic Missle he had won last year.

Cult of the Serpent
Diamond Banecroft
I fought on the Western Flank. Many Blue Falcons fought to protect the city of Ivory.

Tournaments of Victory
Diamond Banecroft
I played Vicotoryball for the Blue Falcon team.

Feast Of Chimeron XII
Diamond Banecroft
Auric, Savyne, Gek, Catheryn, Myrddin, Tiara, lots of Blue Falcons, and myself attended. The swarm of goblins that necessitated the goblin hunt were being created by a goblin generator. Late in the day everyone fought the enormous goblin army in their extensive fort. After fighting on a cliff, a bridge, through a seige-engine defended door, and high up a tower dodging spider webs and falling boulders, the generator was destroyed.

At the feast, Oberon showed up to complain to King Pyr that the goblin generator had been his, used in his war against the rebels. Pyr agreed to make things right by attacking a rebel fort. We did so, and after much death and destruction we won. But Robin Goblin escaped into dungeons underground.

We followed her underground, where all three teams had to work together to progress into the huge undergropund maze. We all reached the center, where we defeated the rebel rearguard, and acquired a rune-encoded message.

The message was easy to break, and it told us that if we said 3 magic words in the seelie part of Faerie, we would get an item. We debated about wether this was a good thing to do or not, but finally went ahead. We had to fight the seelie, but they were very chivalrous and we abided by the rules and no one was upset.

We were almost at the point of success when Shalindra determined that saying the magic words would be a bad thing. Events later in the year at Queen of Hearts would prove her right.

Green and Gold VI
Diamond Banecroft
Darwin, Savyne, Mitchell and I attended this tournament. The island battle was very memorable, lasting hours thanks to the new tactics of close-forge-support. The battle is featured here.

North South War '04
Diamond Banecroft
This tournament was very enjoyable, as usual. We had a score of Blue Falcons there, and we were joined by Slice and Croythar. They had brought with them several others who were quickly christened "the Slicers of Doom".

Queen of Hearts XI
Diamond Banecroft
I arrived late on Saturday, just missing the deluge of rain. I fought for team Lizelle.

That night, Oberon attempted to turn everyone into Fay. Hidden among one of the 20 obstacles we had to overcome was the three staffs and trapped magic words which we wisely had passed up that spring. This time we did not catch it in time, and this released a strange globe. I tried getting clues from Puck, so I was nearby when Sir Randal opened the globe containing Wayland's journal and causing the fay-killing explosion. Puck immediately said, "I claim the position of Duke in the new court."

The quests took us very late into the night, I was with the last adventuring party when we finally accomplished the final challenge. Despite the fact we had quested until 4am, we beat the time limit by mere seconds.

Plot Happens
Diamond Banecroft
We fought Zermark's undead. Most of Saturday involved squiring the 100 tokens to pay the ferryman who would lead us onward to where we could find one of the many cults of Zermarks. In that task, the Falcons put in great energy and ingenuety.

That night, we followed our guide to where the cult lay. We defeated them in combat, but not before the cult destroyed the Mace of Rhomer. We then undertook a series of quests to restore the mace. There were so many Falcons we had to have two questing parties of 10 each!

The next day everyone fought and wiped out that particular Zermarks cult. Their fortress was very secure, but we were able to break it. I had been dodging the attentions of a Vampire general of Zermarks that day, Mara. She had a grudge because of my role in fighting Zermarks years ago. She had taken one of the important items, the shield, and a few brave adventurers risked astral space to recover it.

Black & White Masquerade & Carnival
Diamond Banecroft
Oberon's forces staged an invasion of Chimeron. Fortunately, we were aided by Seelie fay. While the battles were won in the outlying areas, the City of Chimeron itself was taken by Oberon's forces. Lord Myrddin + Tiara of Caer Melyn, Grinden, Adara, Alexander, grot, several more Blue Falcons, and myself fell in that battle, but we and the city were shortly rescued by the other adventurers.

The carnival was that evening, during which Myrdden ran dancing. I danced and worked at the riddle contest, while the Falcons honed their archery skills.

The next day visions led us to a cave where we deciphered runes to enter. The runes told us some of the history of Cughulain, legendary hero. The adventurers found the shade of one of Cughulain's companions, and an item was recovered for Chimeron.

A Walk in the Restless Hills
Diamond Banecroft
I was there with several of the Blue Falcons. I had hurt my foot earlier in the week, so I did not fight. But that did allow me to concentrate on thinking, and after winning a game of Set, with some subtle help from the Dryad Sarayet, I was able to learn the history that had led to the current troubles in that village.

A giant had feuded with his daughter, leading to his body becoming the hills around the village and his mind wandering happy in the dreaming. Happy that is, until he hurt his foot by stepping on a sword left behind in the dreaming by adventurers. His blood welled up, attracting a host of demons hoping to gain power by feeding on the hapless giant's dream-self.

The adventurers were successful in removing the sword from the foot and driving off the demons (with the possible exception of the Crimson Widow).

I am interested in learning more about the woman who told me the tale, Mary Death. She is a lame mage who wants to die but cannot. She was remarkably well informed.

Yroark Lindsay

Hello this is Yroark of Blue Falcon the following is an acount of events that happened at 1.

Around one or two in the afternoon Axeblade and I arrived at 1, there we met up with Avendar of Mythguard who had also just arrived. So Avendar, Axblade and I set of into a crypt to hopefully find the rest of the adventurers.

After quite a a walk through this crypt we finaly came apon our fellow adventurers. Witch included Gryf, and several Northern Alliance members. How ever trouble soon befell our small group of about 10 adventurers. In a skirmish with the monsters inhabiting the crypt many including myself died.(the following is not my own acount but what I learned from Axeblade and others apon being raised) it seemed that we had run out of raises and had close to 3/4 of our number dead. So Gryf used a Commune With Spirit to try and get us some help. But it seems that this backfired, for while Gryf only managed to contact the Number Demon 11. 11 raised a few of our people people and then procedded to say that he would more than likely bechecking back in on us. witch was not looked forward to by the group. So the group quested on seaching for key stones that were needed to release a great warrior, that would hopefully do something good for us we didnt know yet. so the group quested and i was dragged along and then some how i was raised. (the following is now again my account of the events) I was raised but I felt a little strange i was undead, more spicificly i was a Death Knight! But looking at my hands and the rest of me i was perfectly normal. Also i somehow had a heal limb spell even though i was a fighter weilding a 6'6" greate sword and two points of armor. And so after consulting with Axebaland about the events i had missed while dead Several people from Grimloch arrived.

So with fresh fighters we quested on and met up with Reil(SP?) and Amergin and we continued questing. until we had finaly aquired all the keystones necessary to unlock the great fighter i mentioned earlyier. but before we unlocked to door 11 the Number Demon showed up agian and forced me to do his will, as he is able to do with Death Knights. He instructed me to kill all my fellow companions and so against my will and knowledge i attempted to do so, but thankfully I only managed to kill two people Gryf, and I think it was Reil I dont remember clearly, before I was slain. but either way I was raised informed of what I had done and I apologized to those I had hurt.

finaly we opened the door and out sprang a fighter with no weapon but a large round sheild he spotted 11 and ran after him. on his way past Grimloch they killed him and took his shield. Now here comes the part wher my information is sketchy there seems to have been several encounters with the number demons in the past and i dont know much if any of that info.

but now the talks turned to politics and who the swords belonged to and I almost thankfully had to leave the quest because of prior engagments I had to fulfill.

Feast of Victory 2
Diamond Banecroft
Grindin and Yroark were with me there. I told my tale of warning about Nemesis. That night, the Erl-King's forces showed up to cause trouble, but we were spirited away by the god Commedius. He allowed us to witness a conclave of a pantheon of Gods. We saw them agree to select champions and band together to stop the Erl-King.

Unfortunately, my foot had started hurting again so I elected to withdraw from questing the next day.

Tourneys of Eagle's Rook: Proving Ground
Diamond Banecroft
Our team was Nicki (a new adventurer) and myself. Despite being out in manpower 7 to 2, I feel we gave a good accounting for ourselves, particularly in the Capture the Flag tourney and the mind games.