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Diamond Banecroft
The Nameless One attacked Folkestone and released her avatar, Skullcrusher. In a humourous scam, Serabet and Garret managed to swindle the Fire Elemental into revealing his true name. Lorherner used that Name not to destroy the Elemental, but rather to turn it on the Nameless One's own troops. The witch Marie was given back her heart, turning the tide of battle and allowing the forces of the Realms to narrowly avoid defeat. Banecroft quested extensively to get Marie's heart and eventually found the right place, only to discover that Randal has beaten them to it. Banecroft successfully defended Decion's grove thanks to teamwork and the silver sword that Myrdden wielded. Smaug and Fafnir were lost and broken, but returned by Cinnibar.

The invasion of Folkestone... what a battle! Won by the most narrow of narrow margins.

I remember following the clues to try and locate Marie's heart, but the wise and intelligent Sir Randal was several steps ahead of us.

I remember when our base was being overrun, the monsters were coming at us from all directions, doing an envelopment of the clearing which was our base. We couldn't beat them back... for an instant we stopped losing ground as we got light sticks in place to hold off the shadowbeasts, but the trolls were overrunning the center. Gwen went down, I took up her flaming swords and for the briefest of brief moments it seemed like the trolls were falling back... when I was hit from behind and I knew no more.

[ooc: who won the war was to be determined by which army controlled the most strategic points at the end of the day. You had to have 8+ people there in order to control it, if you had 7 it was still contested] I remember towards the end of the day, I went to Lord Jarrod and asked him, "Which point do you want Banecroft to defend?" He pointed to Decion's Grove, far across the battlefield but still in danger from the crossroads. As I left to gather my people, Tir O'Sean, who had been listening in, called me aside to give me advice. Speed was of the essence, and he pointed out a shortcut to me, going straight across the forest instead of going the long way around the trail. We set off, only to find our progress impeded by a river!

We didn't let that turn us back however. A nearby tree had fallen across the river, and although the interlaced branches were not stable enough to move a squad across, we re-enforced it with underbrush and poles, and in a trice we had engineered a bridge which got us across without our feet getting wet. We shortly found the grove and settled in to await the expected contesting of the point.

We were not on the front line, but we had just barely enough to hold the point. If we took casualties, we would lose Folkestone this strategic point, nor were any of us powerful enough to raise the dead. Sure enough, a single solitary shadowbeast arrived to try and inflict that casualty on us. To break our morale, he stood fast while I hit him with an arrow, demonstrating our blades were not enough.

We did not falter, as he struck forward we ALL parried... each and every one of us had our blade on his, Finn and I both had his weapon between our florentine blades. All save one, Myrddin had concealed the silver sword which chance alone had put into his hands minutes before. He slew the beast and our point was held without casualties.

Tourneys of Chiron
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond is threatened by a follower of Ironhand. Ironhand tries to intimidate Banecroft into swearing to him. The Barony stands up to him, and all is worked out peaceably

Tourneys of Creathorne and Quest for Silver
Diamond Banecroft
Veros and Gwen attended. There, Jerimiah Darksparkle was introduced to the realms. Bane of Clan Curidh became a Vampire and fell in love with Jerimiah.

North/South War
Diamond Banecroft
Veros fought and determined Banecroft must be in the North.

Before a Midnight Breaks in Storm
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond employed an amusing tactic in a Pirate Shoot and won the Corsican Mug tourney. Diamond and Gwen won the 'tag team' tourney. Diamond was one of the 7 in the ritual to destroy the White Demon.

High Magic IV
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond showed up just in time to miss being warped by the magical wave. He enjoys the night quest fighting with a new Phoenix group.

The spirit of Sir Fletch where Diamond fulfiled his long-held goal to beat Fletch in a contest of Archery. Later, when Faerie and Hell fought, Ironhand loaned a wayland blade to Diamond. Diamond avoided the demon's attempts to gain the sword, but fell to a very Quick fire elemental. The May Queen was of great service to the Realms in this fight.

Queen of Hearts Tourneys and War Manuevers II
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond is a general for Bronwyn's team and wins the Running tourney. Diamond and Soshana team up to win Realms Pictionary. In the night quest, Diamond joined Woodhaven at first then ended up with Folkestone when he helps Stuart and Tetch kill the Cyclops.

Diamond Banecroft
In the Nexus, Diamond and Lorner happened upon a group of Drow led by a Caer Muigire searching for someone. They watched long enough to see the villains find Luthrien - the Silver Elf that created the swords of Luthrien, but were unable to prevent the Caer Muigire from killing and scalping him.

Into the Heart of Darkness
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond quests in Creathorne. This is the first time horses were needed in Creathorne. The monsters stole our stuff on Saturday, we quested to regain it Sunday. The Baron purchased a horse for an exhorbant price, but lost it.

Into Toril Wilderkin's Tomb
Diamond Banecroft
Twenty brave Realmsians including Diamond, Veros, Gwen and Bardin quested Into Toril Wilderkin's Tomb to find the pommel piece of the Soul Blade. While in the Tomb, several adventurers angered both the Kal and Tanith of the Grey company by raiding the tomb. Advice: Never bring a bow into a dungeon.

The next day, we travelled back in time to recover the Mace of Rhomer. Diamond's mirror helps out against a medusa. We did some plane hopping to go to the 'Seed' and recover the Armor, the third item of power necessary to kill Zermarx. Veros and Diamond quested with Ironhand, putting aside their former difficulties. Bardin Kest's "protection from undead" spell proved vital.

Under a Full Moon
Diamond Banecroft
A Litch disguised as a Prince invited the Realms to some tourneys. Diamond and Sir Pyr learned what is going on early and spread the word. Diamond made his first attempt at ritual spellcasting in the ritual to free the princess but did not get it quite right.

The Harvest Faire and Black & White Masquerade
Diamond Banecroft
Myrdden runs dancing for the first time.

Diamond Banecroft
In the dungeon of Lyon's keep, the three senior members of Banecroft were felled with one boulder, leaving Meridoc and a young friend to face the orcs alone. We didn't win that one.