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Feast of the Leviathan XI
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Savyne, Ian, Adara, Temorse, and Osric attended. The Mortal Court conferred on how best to help Zula as part of the greater efforts against the Bedlam situation. The Order of the Magi conferred similarly. There were more children of Ian's age than at any other gathering in my experience, so much fun was had by them. The Knights of the Sable Dragon knighted Sir Gideon of Ivory. Rhiassa and Grimlock announced a bold new co-national initiative.

Arisia 2009
Diamond Banecroft
Adventurers, mostly of the younger pursuasion, pursued clues to discover a gateway to the fabled Lost City of Arisia. There they explored the city, freed slaves, were turned back from looting the scroll-factory depository, dealt with an undead plague loosed by the defending Arisians, disrupted a chaos demon, and slew the Lich-seer Arisia himself. Vericon the three-headed drago-mage had some ongoing intrige interrupted by the hatching of his eggs.

An quick Tourney in Banecroft rounded out the day.

Tournament of Blades
Diamond Banecroft
Kovaks Vrs. Temorse
Diamond, Adara, Temorse, and Osric attended. Temorse won several tourneys, including pike.

Feast of Chimeron XVII
Diamond Banecroft
Thanks to the research of Griff and others, we learned important lore about the original purpose of Banecroft. Apparently Banecroft's legacy is handed down from the Time of Tribes, before the Age of Kingdoms. Our first duty was to preserve the culture, philosophy, history, and lore of the mortals. This is the true purpose of the Wellmen, an order to which we rededicated Banecroft's effots. Of which this historical record is one small part.

Temorse continues the report on our activities at Feast of Chimeron as follows:

First of I will start by giving you a brief explanation of what happened on the night quest Saturday, as it is of great importance. I am personally still trying to figure out what we actually accomplished on Sunday.

The night started put with a ritual to cleanse Zula of the boies taint he acquired last Feast of Chimeron. During the ritual he was cleansed and infused with light, becoming Zula the Lightkeeper. He infused the necklace of Emmaron Banecroft with the power of the light and used it as a divining rod of sorts. First it took us to the grave of the squire of Tristan the Lightkeeper, whom faced the infinite dark (Bedlam) and flinched. Because of this he was burried where he died. Then we visited the tomb of Tristan himself. Finally we were taken to an area where we had to fight golems but ripping gears from their body and collecting them, then Giddeon used those gears of an unfunctioning golem to makes it stronger than the others, which he used to destroy them. While we battled the golems a young adventurer, Aldrathur (not certain on the spelling), was tested by the light, he faced some sort of task and he did not flinch. And for this he was lead to an artifact, which he uncovered at the bottom of a river. We brought the item back to the tavern. It was chained and wrapped in cloth. When we uncovered it was found to be a book, sealed in wax. We removed the wax and identified it, finding that this was the Journal of Emmaron Banecroft, a book detailing the quest of Emmaron. We learned that this book contained great information, and it was our greatest hope for defeating the infinite darkness. However it is of no use to us, as the book was soaked through, ink running many pages black. But there was still some hope, as we found out that this book still can be of great help, just not to us. Whom that is we do not know, perhaps the Wellmen or perhaps another. On a side note the necklace was accedentally broken during the revealing of the book. Luckily it has served its purpose and is no longer needed, it is just simply an artifact of Old Banecroft.

I have the pieces of the necklace as well as the book and will return both of the artifacts of ancient Banecroft to you as soon as possible. Until then though, I am taking careful measures to preserve and repair whats left of the book, some pages are not quite as ruined as others and some information may be ascertained from it.


Tournaments of Creathorne 16
Diamond Banecroft
Tiara (left) enjoys the day
Tiara and Diamond attended. Diamond attended semi-incognito, won the locks tournament.

North/South War '09
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Savyne, Ian, Temorse, Grinden, Tark, Killian, Osric, Slice, Croythar, Talia, Puffpastry, Jake, Lochlan, and Lemur attended.

Grimloch Presents: Questing
Diamond Banecroft
Temorse, Grinden, and Osric attended. They spent some time on the astral plane, foughtspawn of Akakios, and protected many small towns. We get word that Kheldar is back – released after his 6 months duty is up. Osrik acquired part of the staff of Akakios.

Queen of Hearts XVI
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Savyne, Ian, Tiara, and Temorse attended. Temorse won Duncan's Challenge!

Blood Games 2009
Diamond Banecroft
Team Realms
Team Realms
Diamond, Auric, Kovaks, Janus and Shirak attended the Blood Games. Savyne had created a wonderful banner and belt favors to represent the Realms, so we began the day without being tight for points like we were last year. Kovaks placed second in the very challenging game of Pyramids, and Janus was our star player, single-handedly winning Pas d'Armes, War Steed, and Ratkin Hunt (thanks to hitting two ratkin with one javelin)!

The overall level of bardic skill was exteremely high, even more so than last year. Most of the groups represented had formed a loose alliance to "not get mugged by Cro" again, and as Sir Alexander predicted, muggings by Cro began shortly after Realm of Seasons edged out a lead in points. But this time it began with Cro falsely accusing the Realms of having struck first. This calculated deception fooled no-one, and in addition to our defensive alliance, we resolved furthermore to pool our points to ensure a victory by the Realm of Seasons.

This gave the overall victory to the Realm of Seasons, but not before Cro was able to show their martial strength by crushing the alliance in the Grand Melee.

Grimloch Presents 3: Zombie Survival
Diamond Banecroft
Temorse wins UNDEAD KILLER and is the overall point winner!

Folkestone Questing '09
Diamond Banecroft
Team Realms
The first explosion
Diamond of the Barony, Tiara of Caer Melyn, Temorse, Grindin, Adara, Orion, and Killion of the Blue Falcons, and Slice, Lochlan, Alexander Puma, and Lemur of the Red Dragons, assisted by Croythar and Talia, attended.

As before, this gathering began with adventurers helping Lucious the Red destroy a series of demons, but this time some of us were granted a vision from Orcus (the demon behind Zermarks) to reveal our guide’s true nature: demon Iculous in disguise, he was absorbing the power of the defeated demons to make himself unstoppable.

We then went on to help a village devastated by a demon attack, and then worked our way through 5 generals under the Demon Tik-on by overcoming a series of demonic challenges. After reaching Tik-on's fortress, we showed him the remains of his defeated generals and he came forth to do battle with us. In this climactic battle, Grindin passed the killing ball to Orion, who made the final killing blow. Then the gate began to close and we had to hightail it back to the Realms. Adara the compassionate used her knightly power to re-open the gate long enough to rescue an apathetic straggler.

That evening Lucious showed up again, and we confronted him, but to no avail. Before we could rally public opinion to stop him, the army was already underway into the next hellish realm of ghosts and glowing bones. After a risky battle there, Croythar erred, and the Red Dragons and Diamond worked to contain that problem while the Blue Falcons carried forth the banner to help a mysterious village cursed with bad voodoo.

The next morning Diamond learned what the Order of the Red (experts on this demon threat) had to teach him, most urgently that they were magically compelled to agree with Lucious/Iculous's policy of using the Realm's army to defeat demons on his behalf. So when Lucious called us together for one final sortie, Diamond rallied the army to say, "No, we won’t be your patsy's any longer." Despite threats from Iculous and dissention from the Order of the Red, we resolved to not only stop doing his dirty work, but to stand against his forces. And that's when the pivotal battle of the quest began:

Despite initial problems with is Oni, the Realms convinced the Oni Lord of the danger came from Iculous and not ourselves. We were marching away when Iculous called for his own demons and the Order of the Red to attack the Oni Lord. Diamond recalled the Realms army from the withdrawal and the army counterattacked Iculous's forces. Then the gateway started to close and we had to return, but as we did so Idaris attempted to scalp Diamond, only to have him heroically and single-handedly rescued by Temorse.

Then we managed to calm the internal disagreements and set off to damage Iculous back, despite the unsettling fact that our guide was Mara, dark childe of the Nameless One, late follower of Zermarks,and now agent of Orcus. She led us to an armory where we liberated enough explosives to blow Iculous's base to kingdom come.

Thereafter we forced our way bit by bit through the base's gateway, conservatory, prison, and other tight dungeon crawls and systematically blew it up. In one of those battles, the attack was stalled because our warriors had to come out of a crawlspace at the top of the fortress. Firing arrows in support of this effort, Croythar slew the enemy healer from all the way across the fortress! Without their healer, the enemy could not long resist the press.

We also discovered representations of the Order of the Red's blood bond to Iculous and we found some wands of fireballs where were used to end one final demon. In trying to break those bonds the next day, Lord Deimos of Idaris heroically sacrificed himself on behalf of his love Quazar.

KoEF Questing II
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Adara, Temorse, Kheldar attended.

We took a series of quests through the Nexus. First, we helped Rubis Banecroft fight off Bois and a soul Leech. Poor Rubis was clearly being transformed into a Boi, but there was little we could do to help him.

Diamond joined Kovaks, Jeb, Treena, and Tarnisha to investegate a misted area of Fey. With the steady Kovaks anchoring us from being lost, we formed a chain which allowed Jeb to remove a series of items from the area in an attempt to save a bound damsel. As we exited, a fey who claimed to be a guardian of that area warned us that this was a vault to keep safe dangerous items, leading to concern, but the well-meaning Jeb was already beyond our reach.

Temorse and Adara and a large party reported meeting a daughter of a "Mr. Banecroft". They saved her from tunnlers and thus inspired a young Emerald Banecroft to a life of adventure.

And old Pious Marn sought items for a sword of light. Shanti the voodoo seer was helping us as we'd recently saved her village from the wrath of Chango. In two encounters we finally defeated a pirate band's plan to use a magic amulet to release a demon.

As night drew on, we scapled tickets to a demon thearter which revealed the full history of Fey, Weyland, and hell, as follows:

Crazy Uncle Cecil's Tavern 3
Diamond Banecroft
Team Realms
Father Yule and the Scions of the Past
Diamond, Savyne, Ian, Tiara, Temorse, Adara, Grinden, Osric attended. Tiara had decoded the scroll she had gained as treasure at Black and White, which was important lore indeed. Bois were battled. Father Yule gifted nations of the Realms with swords steeped in meaning. Dancing, music, drinks, eats, merriment, merchanting were had in abundance. A storm of snow complicated departure plans.