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Feast of Leviathan VIII
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Adara, Grot, Axeblade, and Mordak attended, followed by the return of Temorse. This feast was very well attended, largely because of tension caused by an unfortunate incident the month before, but the Free Kingdoms leadership ruled well to made things right. Thanks to Sir Owen, Temorse was returned from his long sojurn in Fae, albeit changed by the experience.

Thon of the Bonechewers was present with a new princess and several Bonechewers, a welcome sight after years away. We were also pleasantly suprised by unexpected support for Queen of Hearts. We had a meeting with our allies in this endeavor to move plans forward.

Axeblade had a learning experience with a love potion. Lady Adara moved in the circles of strategy and politics. Food and comaradarie was had by all.

Into Area Fifty-One
Diamond Banecroft
Event Picture
Grimlock vrs goblins vrs thieves
Area 51 has long served the Barony as a secret cache of information too dangerous to use but too interesting to destroy. But early in the morning a daring band of theives somehow found their way into Area 51 and looted it!

Rolf was set to guard the entrance while the call went out for adventurers to pursue the theives. Unfortunately, Rolf was captured by undead at the beginning of the maze. Adventurers responded to the call and pursued the theives into the maze of challenges beneath Banecroft Tower.

Mathias led a party to early success, being the first party to recover booty from the theives. Thon's party managed to find the way to open the treasure chest, and Shandar's Grimlock party reovered the lost diplomatic missives. Kel made the most complete and accurate map of the dungeon.

By Any Other Name
Diamond Banecroft
Event Picture
Fae allies aid adventurers
Lady Adara reports that she joined a group of adventurers questing into Fae to rescue the soul of the Dutchess of Blossoms. Their trip became increasingly dark as they fought their way through waves of Bois from Dedlam. Although faced at every turn by the "leech" leading the Boys, they reached the resting place of the Dutchess and won free with her soul, although she remains incorporeal.

Deep Caverns III(.5)
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond and Auric joined adventurers questing into a catacomb beneath Chimeron. An army of goblins and trolls were threatening to descecrate tombs, and we had to fight our way through them. We also hoped to help the Living Steel entities. We fought our way deep into the caverns, but in one of the last battles Brighthammer was lost to us, washed away by a swift-moving waterway.

Just after that point, we reached the last room the goblin army had reached: a sweeping light of death. Once past there, we merely had to excercise caution with mechanical traps and golems which enforced silence. In this eerily quiet tomb, we discovered a body lying in state. Despite the extensive magical and mehanical protections to the body, Gryph deduced that the magical power was soon to run out, leaving the body vulnerable to the encroaching goblins.

We were out of power to try and help the local magics, so the only way to save the body from descecration by the goblins was to respectfully cremate it. Thereafter we returned to the surface, exhausted of magic and energy.

2nd Annual View from Valehaven's Spring Festival
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Adara, Temorse, Grot, Mordak, Axeblade, Garric attended. The festival was an enjoyable day of games unmarred by danger, war or other threats. Garric won the kicking tourney, and Temorse was recognized for his poetry entry.

Feast Of Chimeron XIV
Diamond Banecroft
Diamond, Savyne, Adara, Temorse, Grot, Mordak, Alexander, Keldar, Oryhara and Kerin attended.

Our quest was to save Pawldo, the Chimeronean lost in the night sky during the quest to end the curse on Fae. We began by crossing into the realm of the knight sky, past suspicious stars. We sailed in a huge boat across the sky, fighting off a dragon, waves, and other monsters. We reached a tavern in the center of the night sky ocean, and there we unpacked out boats to explore the archiepeliggo.

Unfortunately, stormy weather made operations difficult. The Falcons had built a very large ship, and the sloop Muriel proved easy to handle. A combined operation gained us one part of the ladder needed to reach the sun (from where we hoped to rebuild the moon for this plane, the moon destroyed during the earlier quest). The increasingly bad weather wrecked several ships and severely curtailed the operation. The Falcons, teamed up with Creathorne, rescued the Dutchess of Music from one island.

Later, the Mortal court met, empowered a mortal blacksmith, and we learned hoe to make Fae Blades. Sir Owen, in his aspect as Chugullain, began the war in Fae to restore the true court. We declared for him, and then fought the seelie fae in the Prooving Ground, where to advance we had to learn how the other side saw the issue.

The next day, the rescue of Pawldo was completed.

North/South War '06
Diamond Banecroft
The Barony and the Falcons numbered full 30 in support of the South. Diamond, Savyne, and Slice of Banecroft, ALL the Falcons, and we were further supported by Croythar, Slash, Kheldar, Kerin and Oryhara. Lord Avendar was general of the South, and Rhubarb general for the North.

At court that evening, Adara resigned her fruitful year of Lady and Grindin assumed post as Lord Starbrook. Serrik, Kaelketar, Garric, Micala, Killian, Joth, were all officialy inducted into the Blue Falcons, and Oryhara was inducted into the Barony.

After the usual valorous fighting on both sides, the South emerged victorious.

Bouquet's Dinner Gathering
Diamond Banecroft
Bouquet invited the Mortal Court and leaders of nations to meet for an evening of talk with our Fae allies. Also present was Sloan Harkon, uncle of the late and lamented Sir Lucas Harkon. Diamond, Savyne, Grinden, and Temorse attended.

Tournaments of Nadina
Diamond Banecroft
Event Picture
The tourney field
The Falcons held a tournement. There were new and innovative tournies such as Realms Guess Who, Hobbit Hunt, and various boat battles. Adventurers also explored a nearby cave.

At court, Orion joined the Falcons.

Queen of Hearts XIII
Diamond Banecroft
Event Picture
"Krunk" the catapult fires in defence of the castle
We ran Lady Adara for queen with the support of the Tinkerers, Ivory, Khae Ossrim, Tuath Fasach, Freehold, and others. During the fetch tourney, our clever ruse got us with the object by all but the keen-eyed Grimlock. Our great efforts in the banner and heraldry tourney paid off. Savyne won the garb tourney. Grindin won boffer archery. Oryhara's seige engine team was awesome! Grot had led a team mass-producing leather armor which was a big help. Tark, our champion entrant, was widely praised for his prowess.

Folkestone Questing
Diamond Banecroft
Event Picture
Falcons regroup during the battle to free Caer Condra
Zermarks' army attacked the entire realm at multiple points. We met the challenge by splitting the army and, in a series of strategic moves, outfought the undead menace all across the Realms. Team North cleared from Folkestone to Banecroft (with the unfortunate exception of Blackwood), while Team West cleared from Ivory around and back to where we regrouped in Chimeron. At that point we had the strategic upper hand, and largly finished the enemy off a few days later.

In Nadina, we encountered knights of Banecroft from before Baron Diamond's time, knighted by Hrothgar. Atolycus of the Burning and the Green was the one to overcome their challenge when no others were up to the task. Drashek put his scalp on the line during the battle to free Caer Condra. Banecroft commonfolk also transferred resources from the home front to help in the Caer Condra battle.

Black & White 2006
Diamond Banecroft
Event Picture
Pyr squires Adara
Diamond, Savyne, and Adara attended. The usual dancing and merriment ensued. Savyne does well at the chinese auction. Diamond has the regular meeting with the Knights of the Sable Dragon. Adara becomes King Pyr's squire!

Tempastros Educari
Gek Lackland
Gek Attended the assault on the Illinarian school of the Tempest, in search of Darak-Tur's lair and knowledge. A lot of information was found, which is currently in the hands of library at Ivory, although the party was brought to an abrupt halt when Darak-Tur herself showed up, and the Heroes of the Realms beat a hasty retreat.